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Chinese Great Wall Symbols greatness history

Chinese Great Wall.  this historic building is a spectacular historical heritage, one of the seven wonders of the world. The building was made by the force of human instinct to survive from enemy attack. Great Wall of China reached 6400 km in length extending from the region Sanhai Pass in the east to Lop Nur in the west. Height of 8 meters, 5 meters wide at the top. Each distance of 180-270 m made a kind of watchtower with High 11-12 m. western end The fort is located at the of Gansu Province of China Jiayu West and Eastern tip on Yalu River on the edge of Northeast China's Liaoning Province, past the 9 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions along the 7300 kilometers. In 1987, These building included in the list of World Heritage history. Sites by UNESCO.
The Great Wall was built with big stones, soil and rock fragments inserted. Height of approximately 10 meters and a width of approximately 5 meters, enough for 4 horses running side by side, Thus it's easy to maneuver, transport of troops, weapons and food. Inner side of the wall was built doors and stairs to climb down. Great Wall connected with the castle or the tower of fire in every sector, its function for storing weapons and food supplies. Fortress and the fire tower was also used as a resting place soldiers in peacetime and defense to fend off enemy attacks during the war. ignited a fire in the tower when the enemy attacked at night. If activated fire during the daytime cloud of smoke that spread throughout the country to mark the enemy's attack.

 To make this giant wall takes hundreds of years. According to the research and historical records, the wall was already made before the Qin Dynasty stand, Emperor Qin Shi-huang continue development and strengthening of the wall. After the death of Qin Shi-huang, making the walls had been halted and resumed in Sui Dynasty. Last process development done at the time of the Ming Dynasty. Form the Great Wall today is a result of development of the Ming era between the years 1368 and 1644.
In the year 221 BC, Emperor Qinshihuang unify China. After that, the Emperor ordered that the great wall built as a fort to fend off cavalry attacks from ethnic nomadic Mongolia grassland. As a blockhouse, built the Great Wall follows the contours of the mountains. Through a very complicated topography such as deserts, swamps and grasslands.To adjust to the different topography,construction of the Great Wall of using different ways. This shows the intelligence of the Chinese ancestor.

The beauty of the Great Wall is reflected in the splendor, power and greatness. Looking from a distance to the Great Wall will look like a giant dragon winding down the mountain. When viewed from close range, then the wall was full of artistic fascination with amazing architecture.
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