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Colosseum, the Roman triumph of historical heritage

Colosseum is one of the heritage of the triumph of the Roman empire. This historic building was made to place the show gladiators, executions of prisoners and the fight between animals. Colosseum became a massacre so that thousands of people and animals die in this place. The building in the form of an ellipse-shaped stadium, length 188 m, height of 48 m and the extent of 2.5 hectares. Arena games are made of wood measuring 86 mx 54 m and covered with sand. The floor covered with sand aims to prevent the blood does not flow everywhere. Elliptical shape aims to prevent the gladiators ran to the corner and prevents the audience near to the show. Colosseum could accommodate 50,000 spectators. This building became one of the greatest works of Roman architecture ever built.

Colosseum into the wonders of the world, situated in the middle of the city of Rome Italy. According to archaeologists, the Colosseum was made in 70-82 AD was founded King Vespasian in the during the roman empire. Colosseum comes from the name of a statue 130 feet or 40 m, named Colossus. Colossus Statue is the embodiment of the sun god.
Seating is divided into tiers based on social status in Roman society.
 The main stands are located in the north and south to the Emperor and his family. In this place there is a place of rest and storage property.
  1. Second tribune for the senators and they are allowed to bring their own chairs. The names of senators are still visible from the carvings on the stone seat.
  2. third tribune, seating for nobles, called Maenianum Primum
  3. The fourth stands divided into three parts. at the bottom is called immum, where rich people sit. at the top again (summum), used for the commoners. And lastly, (maenianum secundum in legneis)  a place made of wood located at the top of the building. The place was just to stand , used for the women of lowly

Colosseum is still in use until the year 217, although it has been damaged by fire due to being struck by lightning. Colosseum has been improved in the year 238 and gladiatorial games continued until Christian people gradually stop the game because it takes too many casualties. The building was then used to store various types of animals until year 524 AD. Two earthquakes in the years 442 and 508 cause severe damage to the building. In the Middle Ages, the Colosseum was badly damaged by the earthquake again that in the year 847 and 1349 and serve as a fortress and a church was also established there.
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