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Prophet`s mosque, an Islamic heritage

Prophet's Mosque, is one of the most important mosque located in the city of Medina,Saudi Arabia because it was built by Prophet Muhammad. This mosque is a historic building and historical legacy of Islamic glory, become the tomb of the Messenger and his friends. The mosque is one of the main mosque for Muslims after the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Al-Aqsa  mosque in Jerusalem. Prophet's Mosque is the second mosque, built by the Prophet Muhammad, after the Quba Mosque, founded on the way migrate from Mecca to Medina. Prophet's Mosque was built since the first Prophet arrived in Medina. The location the previously a place for drying dates belonging orphans Sahl and Suhailbin 'Amr. The land was later purchased to build a mosque of the Prophet Muhammadand his residence.

Originally, this mosque measuring approximately 50 m × 50 m, with high roofs of about 3.5 m. Prophet helped build with his own hands, together with the friends and theMuslims. Walls on all four sides of the mosque are made of brick and soil, while theroofs of palm leaves with a pole from the trunk of dates. Part its roof allowed open just like that. Over the past first nine years, this mosquewithout lighting at night. Only at the time of Isha, held a little lighting by burning straw. On one side of the mosque, built the residence of the Prophet Muhammad. Houses of the Prophet is not how large and nothing more luxurious than state mosque, only moreclosed. Moreover, there are also parts that are used as place-poor indigent peoplewho do not own a house. These people are known as ahlussufah or residents the porch of the mosque.

The mosque was renovated and expanded several times. The first renovation undertaken by the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab in the year 17 H, and the second by caliph Uthman ibn Affan in the year 29 H In modern times, King Abdul Aziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extend this mosque to be 6024 m² in the year 1372 H. This expansion was followed by his successor, King Fahd in the year 1414 H, so that the mosque building area of almost 100,000 m², plus the top floor of a reach vast 67,000 m² and the court of the mosque that can be used to pray with an area of 135,000 m². Now, the Prophet's Mosque can accommodate approximately 535,000 pilgrims.
Prophet Muhammad is buried in the place of death, that is the previously room Faithful Umm Aisha RA, wife of the Prophet. Near the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, is buried two nearby companions, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq and Umar bin Khattab. Expansion of the tomb of the Prophet's Mosque third cause is now in the mosque, that is at the southeast corner of the mosque. Aisha and the other companions, is buried in public graveyards Baqi. The pastseparated far enough, now with the expansion of the mosque, Baqi be locatedadjacent to the court of the Prophet's Mosque.

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