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Pyramids giza

Great Pyramids Giza is a historic building, the oldest and largest pyramid from the three pyramids at Giza Nekropolis. Pyramids Giza is the heritage of ancient Egyptian civilization and one of the Seven Wonders of World. According to historians, this pyramid is used as apharaoh's tomb, the fourth dynasty of Egypt. Pyramids Giza was built around 2560 BC,takes time more than 20 years. This pyramid also often called the pyramid of Khufu. Pyramids Giza area located in the area near Cairo (Egypt), pyramids are found here the largest compared to pyramid on earth.Pyramids Giza or the great pyramids in the desert lies a temperature more than 35 degrees Celsius, comprising three plus one big Pyramid Sphinx. The third pyramid is Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Rakhaef / Chephren) and Menkaure (Mycerinus) plus three small pyramids. Each pyramid of Cheops, Chepren and Mycerinus have similarity Interior.
There is a king room, queen room, the door tunnel (diameter 1.5 meters, length 40meters). Majority population of Egypt at that time as a farmer. they utilize the river valley Nile for irrigation agricultural areas. Giza pyramid complex built around the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago has a total area equal to the distance from St. Peter (Rome), the Cathedral of Florence (Milan) up to St. Louis. Paul (London). Also believed to set the stone in the Pyramid of Giza when put together can make a wall 3 meters high with a thickness of 0.3 meters that could surround the whole of France. When compared to the Empire State Building in New York, the pyramid is 30 timeslarger and can even be seen from the moon. The Ancient Egyptians werebuilt it in 30years . There is a clear stone bricks of the pyramids of Giza are the result of casting,accurate construction of gravity and center of the object. Even at the Pyramids of Gizawas built by the suspected UFO because it deals with the portrait of the pyramids on Mars.
According to research scientists and archaeologists, pyramid-making raw materials taken from several places. For example, the Tura limestone, granite from Aswan,copper from Sinai and the wood for the coffins of Lebanon, all of which are transportedthrough the Nile. Workers average worker died at a young age (around 30 years),suffered spinal injuries due to carrying a very heavy burden. Archaeologists also foundevidence of an emergency relief for the injured worker.

Allegations were made Jean-Pierre Houdin after studying data from the American Egyptian historian, Bob Brier, who combined with simulation of three-dimensional (3D). The results provide clues about the possibility there are two secret rooms in the heart of the big building.

Secondly the room was estimated as a area used storage furniture Pharaoh Khufu in nature supernatural. According to Houdin, the existence of the room hidden clues obtained from a similar room in the Pyramid Snefru, father of Khufu. So most likely the same design was also used in the Pyramids Giza.  Moreover, the blocks are located in the south wall of the room the king indicated a suspected road leading to the secret room and use the participant's funeral as a way out of the pyramid.

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